A few months ago, one of my friends talked to me about the social theory that people generally inhabit three specific places throughout their daily lives: home, work/school, and a third space. Home and school/related are a given, but the "third space" is special because it serves as a stimulating environment for individuals, and that can mean a lot of things! There's an endless amount of places that can serve as third spaces (rhyme not intended). For some people, that third place can be the gym, a close friend's home, a particular part of a public park, the beach, the library, the club,--anything! 

After learning about this, I've been a lot more conscious about the environments I've chosen to be in to learn what might be best for me, and I've found that I'm generally attracted to bright, spacious, and minimalist environments. Here are a few pictures of areas I consider to be my "third spaces":

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.09.30 AM.png

1. Samovar Tea Bar

I discovered this place recently with a friend and it's so beautiful! (◠‿◠✿) Definitely a place I would be glad to sit in an chill for a couple hours without feeling guilty. Samovar has a really diverse selection of different teas and specializes in Chai, which they brew in huge iron pots at the front of the store. I guess a lot of coffee and tea places in SF look cute in similar ways, but this place has a really unique layout!

2. Fifty/Fifty

Ah yes, I don't think I've ever spent this much money at any cafe until I found Fifty/Fifty. If I were financially established and completely stable/not a college student, I would be a regular here! I've done hours of studying, getting to know people, and just hanging out at Fifty/Fifty. It's a super cute and cool environment with a lot of cute and cool people! 


3. Not really a third space

Although #1 and #2 are nice,  it's unrealistic for me to go to either place every time I want to get away because ya girl is on a budget. As a result, I've been learning to brew coffee home and have been trying to create a stimulating but relaxing place for myself in my room as well.

It's really nice being able to create spaces to look forward to, especially when things are stressful a lot of the time.