Two Mondays ago, I had the pleasure of being the event photographer for Dior Beauty's soft opening event, which was really exciting for me considering that I've always wanted to cover some sort of beauty/fashion event. The day consisted of having local bloggers come in, learn about the history of Dior, getting a make-over, and having a mini photo-shoot at the store (by me!!!). Here are some photos from the day, more photos can be found here

At the end of the day, they gave me a goodie bag filled with products from Dior! 

I personally really like the eye stuff, lip glow, and lip maximizer. But I also have very limited knowledge on make-up so who the heck knows what's really good or not!!

Make-up aside, I'm glad that one of the things that was emphasized during the "History of Dior" presentation was the idea that people are already beautiful, and the company's goals are to emphasize existing features, not change up people's faces. But honestly, if your makeup goal is to look completely different with make-up on, that's cool. It's just not cool when huge companies make people feel inadequate when they don't use their products--and yes, the large-scale marketing tactics are always questionable and more than not seem to cater to people of certain demographics, but the point is, the entire team at this store seemed to have a mutual understanding that it's never about guilting their customers in order to sell products, which is v important to me.

Aight I g2g to class now!! Thanks for the cool experience, Dior! Until next time.

- Angela