2017 / by Angela See

It is a New Year, and I've always thought that New Years Resolutions were silly because it's like, why wait until the New Year to create positive goals for oneself? I would think, "Shouldn't this be a continuous process throughout the year if we want to see ourselves succeed?"

My answer to my own question is: Yes, I do think that it's beneficial for people to constantly keep themselves in check, however, I can acknowledge that most people (In America, at least) get a break during the holidays, which means time to step away from daily responsibilities and time to reflect on the past year, and therefore makes this a convenient timeframe for people to set new goals.

I want to do something different this year. Actually, I want to do something different most of the time because I'm young, still discovering myself, and have the need to keep things spicy. But if there's anything I've learned in terms of goal-setting throughout the years, is that my goals don't need to be hugely dramatic, and it's more likely that I'll attain and maintain my overarching goals if I pace myself.

This year, my unofficial New Year's Resolution is to balance inspiration and discipline. For most of my life, I've sought passion and inspiration in order to fuel my work. Deciding to pursue my passions, especially in this past year, was incredible because I felt I was able to do a plethora of cool freelance and some not-so-freelance jobs just because I decided to do whatever I wanted when I felt like it. But now, I crave some sort of consistency and I yearn to find something slightly more stable to specialize in. Gaining media and web-related work experience has been great, but I still spend most of my time studying Kinesiology, which is wildly different. Because I had my attentional space dedicated to two completely different fields, I don't believe I've performed as well academically as I could have if I had just allotted a little bit of time everyday to work towards the success of my major. At the same time, I don't think I'm doing badly at all, but like my gen psych professor once said, "Grades don't define intelligence, but as a science major, I knew that if I wanted to amount to anything, I had to get A's". This tidbit from my professor definitely highlighted the flaws in our education system/admissions, but in either case, this semester is the last chance I have to see what it's like to lean a bit more towards a mindset of success.

I am aware that discipline (which breeds success) has been bred into a lot of people from the get-go, and perhaps I am relatively late in the game to only decide that I want to get it together now, but when you've been raised to be a little too chill about everything, it's kind of difficult to just decide to transition into a more challenging environment. In either case, I don't plan to eradicate my values for pursuing my passions and doing what I want, I just want to prioritize discipline into my daily life and see where that takes me. 

What are some of your currents goals that you have set for yourself?